Gestational Carrier Contracts

The term might sound technical, but a gestational carrier is someone who has agreed to grow and nurture your baby, which is not in any way biologically related to her, in her uterus. In medical terms, she has agreed to plant embryos in her uterus, which were fertilized outside of her body using the egg and sperm of the intended parents or a donor(s) selected by the intended parents. A Gestational Carrier Contract is an agreement between intended parents and a gestational carrier and their husband/partner, if any. These contracts detail the parties’ rights, obligations, intentions, and expectations within their arrangement – financial and otherwise.

While these contracts are very important, this special time should be spent preparing for your child and enjoying the incredible excitement and joy that waiting for a baby to arrive brings. It should not be spent stressing about fine print and contract obligations. Secure Surrogacy works with your attorney who examines your Gestational Carrier Contract and we disburse monies to the gestational carrier, as well as to any third parties entitled to funds, under the contract. Secure Surrogacy also helps you avoid awkward situations with your gestational carrier by collecting, scrutinizing, and gathering supporting documentation when needed for all receipts submitted by the gestational carrier prior to making reimbursements.

Secure Surrogacy constantly communicates with you prior to reimbursing substantial expenses, and gives you a monthly detailed account statement so you are always aware of disbursements being made from your account. In other words, you maintain complete control, without the stress of negotiations, paperwork, and accounting that come with that control. Our agreements are all setup so that one designated individual is the gate keeper and that person informs us who to pay and when.

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